Flange Management APP™ by SCA B.V.

Safety and Compliance Applications B.V. is introducing the Flange management APP™.

The FlangeManagement APP™ is the fastest, easiest and most reliable way to track, trace and log every step in the process of Flange Management.

Design principles of the FlangeManagement App™

  1. Minimise work preparation (No, extra, data input/programming)
  2. No scanners in the field (ATEX)
  3. Full compliance and accountability (Who, did what, when and with what result)
  4. Easy (progress) reporting and sharing of data.
  5. Fit for purpose (KIS) design.
  6. Usable as a specialised addition next to you regular M.M.S. (Maintenance Management System)

How does it work ?

  1. Send your regular flange lists to SCA B.V. with all the data in it that you normally use.
    1. Tag Number
    2. ISO-metric
    3. Torque values
  2. We print the Flange Labels™ with all your data on it and a scan code on each label.
  3. You scan the labels and at the same time generate your digital Flange Management compliance list.
  4. Attach the labels to each individual flanged connection.
  5. Give your co-workers the most simple work briefing ever…
  6. Receive back the process tabs of the label and scan them again. With this you generate automatically your progress/ compliancy report.
  7. Share this report in every format you like with anybody you like through all your regular systems.
  8. Log “Mechanical complete” on every flange and hand over the system to operations.

Example Flangelabel™


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